We always strive to meet the quality standard and needs of our customers and partner companies individually by taking a personal approach to any request made to our office, whereby facilitating the storage of these products, and outsoursing the market for potential and capable purchasers hereby promoting the sales of our products through out the Russian Federation and to the International Market.
The companys main focus is on the refining of crude oil products to produce a verity of refined petroleum and petrochemical products which constitutes to thier appropriate standard of production both in specification and composition.

Compounding and Blending

Our fuel accelerating units currently produce at a rate of 1,200 metric tons per day. We are able to increase the performance of our gasoline to an octane of 80 up to 95. With our injection and blending of our diesel with internationally approved additives, we also produce winterized diesel products and Jet A-1 - JP8

Quality Assurance

OOO VASYUGANEFT petroleum refinery has a full scale, modern fuel testing facility located near the refinery. Our technical team is staffed with experienced fuels quality experts. Our fuel laboratory test fuels for content and quality according to international specifications following ASTM and IP standards.

Strategic Expansion Plan

The expansion plan for the Ghazanfar Oil Refinery is divided into 3 phases. Phase 1 is now complete and phase 2 is underway. Phase 2 includes expanding the refining capacity to 500,000 metric tons per year and increasing the crude storage by an additional 6 units of 3,000 metric tons each. In phase 3, the refining capacity will reach 1 million metric tons per Month.


Our associated facilities at the Vasyuganeft Oil Refinery site include processing and compounding components, fuel testing facilities, crude storage, fuels storage, warehousing and management offices. In addition to our strong financial position, we have the technical expertise and leadership to continue expanding into all facets of Russia Federation’s energy sector.

Products Produced

Our refining unit uses an atmospheric distillation process that fractionates crude oil into liquid streams. The process consists of crude oil being heated and processed for primary distillation and separation into various components. .





Diesel Fuel


Fuel Oil



Grade: standard kerosene (including TC-1) Application: Multiple use Product Description: Mixture of aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, C9-C16

Grade: octane 80 (can produce to an octane of 95 on site) Application: Automotive fuel, Internal Combustion Engine Fuel Product Description: Complex mixture of aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, C4 –C10
Grade: standard, L.02-62 Application: Automotive diesel, Generator Engine Fuel Product Description: Complex mixture of aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, C11 –C18
Grade: Mazut, M100 Application: Power Generation, Heating Fuel Product Description: Heavy Fuel Oil of a complex mixture of aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons


    VASYUGANEFT PWTROLEUM REFINERY is a petroleum and L.P.G. supply, trade and distribution company. Ghazanfar Neft Gas provides its clients with comprehensive A to Z fuel supply chain solutions that lower the cost of procurement, transportation and management of fuels.

OUR Support

    Our operations include fuel processing, supply, handling, storage and distribution. As a major supplier of diesel, aviation fuel, petrol and LPG throughout Russian Federation and Central Europe, Our Services are uniquely positioned to support its clients.

Core Advantages

    - International management and quality standards
    - Fuel testing laboratory facilities and mobile laboratory options
    - Diversified fuel supply sources
    - Fuel testing laboratory facilities and mobile laboratory options

Areas of Operations

    Fuel Supply Fuels Management
    Petroleum Processing
    Fuel Distribution
    Fuel Storage
    Aviation Fueling/Defueling
    Fuels Testing
    Crude Oil Storage