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Office in Tomsk: 634024, oblast' Tomskaya, Tomsk, ulitsa Nizhne-lugovaya, d. 1
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    VASYUGANEFT PWTROLEUM REFINERY is a petroleum and L.P.G. supply, trade and distribution company. Ghazanfar Neft Gas provides its clients with comprehensive A to Z fuel supply chain solutions that lower the cost of procurement, transportation and management of fuels.

OUR Support

    Our operations include fuel processing, supply, handling, storage and distribution. As a major supplier of diesel, aviation fuel, petrol and LPG throughout Russian Federation and Central Europe, Our Services are uniquely positioned to support its clients.

Core Advantages

    - International management and quality standards
    - Fuel testing laboratory facilities and mobile laboratory options
    - Diversified fuel supply sources
    - Fuel testing laboratory facilities and mobile laboratory options

Areas of Operations

    Fuel Supply Fuels Management
    Petroleum Processing
    Fuel Distribution
    Fuel Storage
    Aviation Fueling/Defueling
    Fuels Testing
    Crude Oil Storage