he enterprises of OOO VASYUGANEFT corporate structure hold totally 109 licenses for subsoil use and Total number of fields amounts to 123. The Company’s producing enterprises form the following groups by their geographical and operational profile: 1. West Siberia group, 2. Volga group, 3. Central Siberia group

Oil Production

Provision of hydrocarbon production growth and Growth of stocks.

Gas Production

We pay special attention to implementation of projects aiming at associated petroleum gas (APG) utilization increase as well as natural gas production and processing and gas power generation.

Exploration and Reserves

Discovery of new oil deposits are linked to the increased in amount of 2D/3D seismic and its detailed performance as well as in terms of exploration drilling


    VASYUGANEFT PWTROLEUM REFINERY is a petroleum and L.P.G. supply, trade and distribution company. Ghazanfar Neft Gas provides its clients with comprehensive A to Z fuel supply chain solutions that lower the cost of procurement, transportation and management of fuels.

OUR Support

    Our operations include fuel processing, supply, handling, storage and distribution. As a major supplier of diesel, aviation fuel, petrol and LPG throughout Russian Federation and Central Europe, Our Services are uniquely positioned to support its clients.

Core Advantages

    - International management and quality standards
    - Fuel testing laboratory facilities and mobile laboratory options
    - Diversified fuel supply sources
    - Fuel testing laboratory facilities and mobile laboratory options

Areas of Operations

    Fuel Supply Fuels Management
    Petroleum Processing
    Fuel Distribution
    Fuel Storage
    Aviation Fueling/Defueling
    Fuels Testing
    Crude Oil Storage